Body Bleaching - Intimate Cosmetic Treatments

Intimate cosmetic treatments like diminishing dark pigmentation in underarms, labial and anal area, started as Hollywood trends, and therefore were offered only in a few spas in New York and Los Angeles. Today, body bleaching is perfectly normal to do, and is very popular with people that wish to have brighter, more evenly toned intimate areas.

How Does Pigmentation Occur?

Melanocytes (pigment cells) are the cells responsible for giving the skin it’s color. When the discoloration process begins, the cells become dark in the center. Over time, these pigment cells mature and develop pitted arms with extenders that project the sides. Then this process is spreading to neighboring cells resulting in larger patches of skin discoloration.

Discoloration of intimate areas can be caused by aging, genetics, hormonal changes from pregnancy or environmental causes.

How Body Bleaching Works?

Body Bleaching is using lightening peel agents to diminish dark pigmentation in underarms, labial and anal area. Our peeling agents gently lighten the skin and reduce the activity of Tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for skin darkening, in the lower layers of the skin. In addition, the treatment is enriched with natural ingredients that provide a gentle moisturizing treatment to protect, while continuing to lighten the skin.

What Areas can be Treated and Why Should You do It?

Body Bleaching involves the treatment of discrete areas of the body to diminish dark pigmentation in underarms, labial and anal area. We understand that these are the most intimate areas of your body, and many people shy away from having someone else work with this sensitive region. Therefore, our doctors will treat you professionally and with respect.

With Body Bleaching treatment you will rid of embarrassing dark areas that may be visible with your swim suit or areas that your partner may see. Intimate bleaching can enhance your sex appeal instantly, and help you boost your confidence and make you sparkle and shine all over!


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