Incredibly Outstanding Experience

9 January 2019, Comments 0
Review for Fillers

Just a quick email to let you know about the incredibly outstanding experience I was fortunate enough to have today as a first time client at your spa by Donna, Ramse and of course the phenomenal Rebecca!!


Your spa was highly recommended to me by Donna Solomon. While I have only used dermatologists to administer fillers for me in the past, knowing her to be a perfectionist, meticulous, bright and a super class act, I completely trusted her and decided to try Rebecca (not to mention how amazing Donna looks – she is a walking testimonial for your spa and its’ services). Donna went above and beyond to make sure I got in for an appointment quickly and that I got special treatment. She is super accommodating, so nice and really bright. I quizzed her and was super impressed with her expansive knowledge on the many procedures I could do. She gave me a full skin analysis and recommended several procedures that I am going to come back and do with her.


I found Ramse to be so lovely and accommodating. She treated me like I was a regular and a priority client – making me feel at home and even kind enough to squeeze me in later in the day for a second appointment to save me from having to wait a few weeks and to have to come back again. I found her to be smart and knowledgeable and really helpful in making sure I got my follow-up prescriptions.


I have been getting fillers administered to my face for almost 20 years exclusively by plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Rebecca was superior to every doctor I have ever been to! Her level of expertise, competence, professionalism, focus and desire to get everything perfect was so impressive. She went above and beyond for me!! I found her to be incredibly genuine and real – super sincere and didn’t try to ‘sell’ me on doing more than what I needed – such a refreshing change. Her personality and demeanor were also lovely – I found her to be so sweet, nice, patient – she really cared. I didn’t feel rushed – she took her time and didn’t make me feel like a number (even though she was booked solid for over 7 hours!) Her skill set and technique for administering restylane under the eyes is innovative and yielded amazing results! I am so excited that Donna introduced me to Rebecca – I will be exclusively using her for many years to come. She is a real super star!

In fact, I was so impressed and happy that within the first 5 hours of leaving your spa, I’ve recommended Rebecca and Donna’s services at your spa to about 10 people!!!

I hope this email serves to give all three of these amazing professionals much deserved recognition for jobs well done!


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