SPL Super Fast Hair Removal

SPL (squared pulse light) is one of the most state of the art technologies in cosmetology field. This is a relatively new form treatment 10 times faster than traditional IPL providing almost pain free experience.

The new SPL/AFT feature also allows treatment for darker skin types with remarkable safety.

How does the SPL Hair Removal Work?

SPL Hair Removal - Eastchester, NY and West Hartford, CT

Conventional IPL hair removal treatments work by concentrating all the energy in just one wavelength. The light energy is converted to heat energy, causing damage to targeted area. In contrast, SPL can deliver many wavelengths (or colours) in each pulse of light instead of just one wavelength. To put it simply, the light is equally disbursed under the skin and it takes a lot less energy to achieve the same effect as it would with a "standard" pulse. Therefore, SPL hair removal lasts a fraction longer than IPL and standard laser hair removal treatments and isn’t as intense, so your skin isn’t as overheated and is often considered pain-free experience.

Benefits of SPL Hair Removal

The SPL treatment is effective on a wide range of hair colors. It successfully removes hair from all skin types while laser hair removal or IPL can only target a certain types of skin. The most important, the SPL gives you permanent results.

SPL has wide treatment area, enabling the device to treat areas you want faster, saving your money and time. Moreover, all other laser hair-removal treatments belong to type IV, which is dangerous for eyes and soft tissues.

What Areas can be Treated with SPL?

There are lots of other areas where SPL can be used to remove unwanted hair, rejuvenate your skin, treat acne and facial redness. Although we list here only the most common, just about every part of the body can be treated.

Between 3 and 6 sessions are usually necessary, depending on the area being treated, and are spaced in 4 or 6 week intervals. However, you can see the result after 1 or 2 sessions.


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