Silk Eyelash Extensions

If you looked in the mirror recently and noticed your eyelashes are not what they used to be, you’re might be right. Unfortunately as we age, eyelash thinning becomes unavoidable and, even worse, noticeable. Our lashes will not maintain the same luster, length, and fullness as their younger selves and this, at times, can leave us feeling less than immortal as we age.
Generally, eyelash growth is a continuous cycle of four stages: growth, resting, shedding, and re-growth, and the older we get the slower the cycle becomes. Over time, the openings in the skin through which the lash grows, called eyelash follicles, can even stop producing new lashes altogether. And besides age, other factors such as heredity, medical conditions, and medications can cause eyelash loss and stop regrowth leaving our peepers looking bare. The good news is we don’t have to sacrifice our lashes when nature takes its course. The fastest and most convenient way to look younger is to have lash extensions. The most appealing lash look for older women is natural, healthy false eyelashes that are as full as their younger originals and, more than likely, even better. Although fake eyelashes have been around for years, they have come a long way in their look and feel, ease of application, and length of wear. Our best bet to look youthful from the moment we wake up and continuously throughout our day is to invest in a set of eyelash extensions. Fake eyelashes are an easy, effortless way to maintain unending beauty!

The Benefits of Eyelash Extensions:

  1. Instead of looking tired, our eyes are instantly opened up by fake eyelashes. Eyes appear youthful when they look wide awake, fresh, and bright.
  2. Not only do we look younger but we feel younger, more confident, and happier about our appearance, and this is key. True beauty is the embodiment of a positive outlook.
  3. In addition to their timeless aesthetic, false eyelashes have the real purpose of protecting our eyes from debris, wind, and sunlight.
  4. Our appearance is bolder and more glamorous with lash extensions as they enhance our everyday style. Whether working during the week, running out for coffee on the weekend, or hitting the town with friends, our look is continuously amazing and sets us apart from the crowd.
Celebrities are known to regularly wear fake eyelashes to look younger and enhance their appearance. With the paparazzi obsessively following them, and because they are constantly being scrutinized by the public, celebrities have to look gorgeous all the time. Every now and again, they are spotted without their false eyelashes, and the results are evident of the dramatic difference lash extensions really do make.