Our Team

Dr Luiza Petre

Medical Director

Jessica Gordon

Medical Assistant

Alicia Bravo

Adult Nurse Practitioner-BC

Domna Solomon

Certified Esthetician

Dr. Petre has never wavered from her true calling — caring for patients while advocating disease prevention and emphasizing a healthy lifestyle. She has an extensive background as a Cardiologist/Internal Medicine physician, with 5 board certifications. Dr. Petre began her medical career in 2000 with a residency in Internal Medicine at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in New York. In 2004, she was appointed a Cardiology Fellowship at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. Being well trained in a broad array of cardiovascular disease, she found herself unsettled as treating and end spectrum of diseases.

The "aha" moment came when patients would ask " Is there anything that could prevent disease, make me feel better about myself so I can make more positive changes in my life?". She listened to her patients and carved a "niche" combining all facets of wellness: optimal weight, lifestyle and self-esteem support.

By 2011 she focused her practice on Anti-aging, Disease Prevention and Weight Loss.

Dr. Petre incorporated non-surgical cosmetic treatments in 2014, "Beauty Inside and Outside" became the new concept. We treat patients as a whole, addressing the multi facets of their lives. Higher self esteem leads to increased confidence, more action and motivation to change lifestyle for a healthier and happier YOU.

Certified Esthetician, Clinical Acne Therapist, Master Esthetics Educator

Jessica received her Esthetics Certification in 2009 and has worked in several roles within the Medical Esthetics for the last six year. Her main focus is Acne Therapy and Skin rejuvenation.

As a Master Educator of Esthetics , Jessica has a vast knowledge of skin concerns, disorders and therapeutic treatments to reach optimal results.

Jessica currently works with patients to reach all of their aesthetic needs including a variety of body sculpting procedures along with all skin care needs.

Alicia Bravo is an Adult Nurse Practitioner, trained in aesthetic/cosmetic medicine, who is experienced in providing a full spectrum of anti-aging corrective therapies. Her medical expertise includes a holistic approach including skin care, non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic techniques and combines complementary therapies.

Alicia specializes in Aesthetic/Cosmetic therapies such as Botox and filler injectables. Her artistic touches help rejuvenate her clients with elegance and perception.

Alicia is trained and holds certifications in Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Cosmetic lasers; Laser Hair Removal, Thermage, Fraxel and NovaLash Eyelash Extensions which compliment her goals in making every client feel confident and rejuvenated.

Donna has been an Esthetician for over three years graduating from the New York school of Esthetics. She is passionate about her career and wants to provide the best service possible to all clients. She enjoy's putting together a skincare plan to meet their objectives.